Your Pathway to U.S. Visa Immigration …

… is with Robert M. Brown II, Immigration Law Office leading the way. Our hallmark is providing personalised, and full or unbundled (à la carte) U.S. visas immigration law services.  We concentrate primarily on obtaining E-1/E-2 visas for Business Entrepreneurs/Investors/Treaty Traders clients, and also A, G, B-1/B-2 and K-1 visas for Diplomats/Officials of Foreign Governments and International Organisations,  Tourist/Business Visitors, and Fiancé(e)s. 

For such clients we process, manage and address all issues that arise, and follow through on the various visa applications and documents.  From start to finish we keep you advised on the application of immigration laws, the details, the processes, and requirements associated with your particular matter and your visa category, and also address and resolve to the extent possible any issues that arises that may negatively affect your matter – our focus is on you and your immigration objectives.  In addition, we provide related ancillary or secondary visa services: visa extensions/change of status, and adjustment of status. However, if you have already filed petitions for processing, and are experiencing delays or problems, or thinking about filing yourself, we are available to review documents, determine your application status, and provide other consultative services about your immigration visa matter.




My first priority is achieving a client’s goals, and providing high-quality, individualised service is my standard. Having been a client of immigration services myself as, a foreign immigrant, foreign student, a U.S. and United Nations diplomat, a U.S. green card sponsor and foreign worker, my big picture approach is to work tirelessly for you in realising your immigration objectives as effortlessly, economically and efficiently as possible. Originally established in 1997 as a corporate, business and immigration law firm, and then developed my immigration practice which consisted mainly of deportation/removal, asylum, and green card matters. Now I concentrate primarily on providing professional business/entrepreneur and diplomat immigration visa services enhanced by my corporate and business law, and diplomatic background.




What Our Clients Are Saying

“After a couple failed efforts through another attorney, our lives as we knew it for the past 5 years was about to fall out from under us. But then we had the good fortune of hiring Robert, and through his knowledgeable insights, instincts and determination he made our long fought for dream happen.” – Paredes M.

“As a young man I left my country and immediate family many years ago to attend university, and after a couple of countries in between, I finally came to the U.S. with my wife and children.  However, I yearned to reunite with my remaining immediate family back home.  So, with the patient and understanding efforts of Mr. Brown I was able to sponsor and eventually bring my big brother to the U.S..” Sydney S.

“I am from one country, my husband from the U.S., and we met in a third country where he was a diplomat.  Eventually we were married in the U.S. en route to yet another country of assignment. Although the process of me getting a green card seemed slightly complicated, the chances of me falling out of status were high given our continued presence abroad for the next few years. However, Robert not only made the green card process smoother than expected, but because of his prior experience as a diplomat he was able provide me with simple solutions/suggestions to avoid falling out of permanent resident status until repatriating to the U.S.” – Lin S.