Visas for officials of foreign governments, representatives of international nongovernmental organizations, and members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – sub-classes of these visas are also available to immediate family and personal/attending staff. In addition to assisting with obtaining such visas, it is more typical to assist such persons to transition to another immigration status.  Under certain circumstances certain “diplomatic visa” holders may adjust status to another non-immigrant status or immigrant status. ​ A, G, N, NATO Visas and Adjustment of Status

Having worked and lived as a diplomat with both the U.S. government and United Nations for about 20 years in over 15 countries, Attorney Robert M. Brown II is quite familiar with and sensitive to the ins and outs of the immigration difficulties and nuances of establishing, organizing and managing a diplomatic life for one’s self and family (and personal staff ).  In this area of U.S. immigration he is especially keen, diligent and professional in providing his clients with the best possible legal advice and services towards them achieving their immigration goals with the least amount of costs, worries and time.