Your Pathway to U.S. Business Immigration Visa Services

Welcome to RMBII Business Immigration Visa Services.   We are a boutique immigration practice focusing exclusively on U.S. business immigration and diplomatic/international organization visas, and their related matters for these types of clients:

  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Investors seeking to Start or Buy a Business
  • International Traders looking for a more simplified frequent entry process into the US
  • Start-ups, Family Businesses, Small to Medium Size Businesses, and Intra-Company Transfers
  • F-1 Student Graduates looking to start a company or for alternatives to the H-1B visa
  • Denied H-1B applicants and Non-renewed/Non-Extended H1-B visa holders
  • Family members and/or key employees/staff of any of the above
  • Diplomats and International Organizations’ Officials, and their family or personal staff
  • Persons of Extraordinary Abilities in education, research and business


RMBII’s hallmark is providing professional personalized, attentive and effective business immigration visa services.    We concentrate primarily on partnering with clients to obtain, extend, renew, or troubleshoot the following visas:

  • E-1 and E-2 Visas for Business Entrepreneurs, Start-UpsTreaty Traders and Investors;
  • A, G, and NATO Visas for Diplomats/Foreign Officials, NATO and International Organizations Staff;
  • L-1 and L-2 Visas for Foreign Business Owners and Corporate Intra-Company Transfers; and
  • EB-1 Visas for Persons of Extraordinary Abilities, Outstanding Professors and Researchers, and Multinational Managers or Executives

We also process, manage and address issues that may arise with, and follow through on these various visa applications and related documentation.


Our attorney, Robert, is passionate about and determined to find the best immigration pathway for our clients to reach their dreams, goals and destiny.   His energy and commitment to our clients is fueled by this passion. And his determination is based on his understanding that clients want to take control of their lives and destiny by pursuing their dreams and goals to take care of family, be successful, and happier.

Robert gained this understanding over the 30 years since practicing law, and from his 25 years living and working in about 40 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and the Middle East.  And this understanding developed from his perspective as a student, businessperson, consultant, and diplomat in these regions.    In addition, Robert’s own family members from Asia and the Caribbean who by example helped developed his understanding.  Thus he has developed a wealth of Cultural Capital that helps him better communicate with and understand our clients and their concerns, cultures, and viewpoints.

The other part of his energy comes from his long held belief that diversity strengthens the whole community.   He finds that especially true in the vibrant business communities.   It is in those communities where Robert finds that immigrants bring unique experiences and approaches that improve and revolutionize the business and entrepreneurial landscapes.   < Infinite diversity leads to infinite combinations that lead to healthier economies and societies >    As a result, he has developed an appreciation of the richness that inclusion of diverse peoples, knowledge and cultures brings to the any community.


In the spirit and action of an ambassador, with a laser-focused approach RMBII represents, supports and works for its clients, to:

  • Deliver highly skilled, effective, high-value, and innovative business immigration visa services in a timely manner, and at a reasonable cost with different possible payment structures;
  • Deliver customized, creative, and effective solutions to individuals, organizations, and small to medium size businesses (SMEs); and
  • Deliver top-notch traditional and non-traditional business immigration law services tailored to clients of most financial abilities


We like to, and sometimes we need to, ‘Think Outside The Box’ !  The RMBII practice keeps its client volume low, in order to provide our clients more value and quality immigration law services.   We take on only a handful of clients at a time to keep a balanced quality services-to-revenue ratio. Taking on less to give you more !

We deliver quality diplomatic and business immigration law services as a result of Robert’s diplomatic, and commercial and  immigration law backgrounds.    In fact, his diplomatic background gives him unique insights, knowledge and valuable contacts and networks.  This background often allows him to bring  value-added to our client’s matters.

RMBII gives its clients 120% of our attention and efforts when providing our business immigration visa services.  And we strive to make everything as convenient and comfortable as possible for our clients.   We take our time to listen and understand our client’s concerns and desires, and then develop a solution that addresses them.  RMBII immigration services are mostly provided virtually through our efficient use of current technology and communication platforms, and immigration practice software.

What I Am About

Business Immigration Attorney Robert Brown's Picture
Robert M. Brown II

Diversity; rich and multi-faceted, in those I help and what I pursue in life !    Integrity; simple and honest, in what I do and with those I deal !

Realizing a client’s goals is my first priority and providing quality personal service is my standard.   As a result, I take time to learn about my clients’ business and situations. Then I work tirelessly to realize clients’ immigration goals.    I want our clients’ experiences to be as effortless, economical and successful as possible.    Because this is what I expected when I was an immigration client as a foreign immigrant, student, a diplomat, a U.S. green card sponsor, and foreign worker.    First established in 1997 as a commercial law practice, I steadily developed my immigration practice.   My immigration practice then, dealt mostly with deportation, removal, asylum, and green card matters.    Now, I focus on providing business and diplomat related immigration visa services.    These services are enhanced by my corporate and business law, and diplomatic background.    I am Member of the Florida Bar, District of Columbia Bar (inactive) and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.



What Our Clients Are Saying

“I have the privilege of know Mr. Robert Brown for many years. Over the years, I have used his expertise and advise on multiple matters such Immigration law, business law and even international law. He has always performed with a high level of integrity, honesty and first class professionalism. He has successfully helped members of my family solve their immigration issues. Robert Brown is always my first go-to attorney, I highly recommend his services.”
Mondher N.

“Honesty. Integrity. transparency. partnership. with Robert M. Brown II. I got this and more. I’m always treated first class and like I am family. Robert M. Brown II has been most helpful! He is very accessible, diligent, and dependable when it comes to me and my company’s legal needs. The rapport and guidance was outstanding at all times, prompt, timely and open for calls and quick updates, and worked through all of the questions and issues on the case. Overall, great experience having Robert M. Brown II as my attorney. Robert understands his client, very insightful and is an expert in his field. Truly a professional and marvelous individual. I highly recommend! Excited about the future and a long and fruitful partnership! With my best regards,” Fabienne G.

“Rob is an outstanding lawyer with extensive experience in international law, including business and immigration. Additionally, his client service and integrity are of the highest standard.” N. Clegg

“Best Immigration attorney ever. He explained all the details and got the job done. High level of communication , I highly recommend him.”  – Rafik H.

“After a couple failed efforts through another attorney, our lives as we knew it for the past 5 years was about to fall out from under us. But then we had the good fortune of hiring Robert.  And through his knowledgeable insights, instincts and determination he made our long fought for dream happen.” Paredes M.

“As a young man I left my country and immediate family many years ago to attend university, and after a couple of countries in between, I finally came to the U.S. with my wife and children.  However, I yearned to reunite with my remaining immediate family back home.  So, with the patient and understanding efforts of Mr. Brown I was able to sponsor and eventually bring my big brother to the U.S..” Sydney S.

“I am from one country, my husband from the U.S., and we met in a third country where he was a diplomat.  Eventually we were married in the U.S. en route to yet another country of assignment. Although the process of me getting a green card seemed slightly complicated, the chances of me falling out of status were high given our continued presence abroad for the next few years. Robert made the green card process smoother than expected. And because of his prior experience as a diplomat, he was able provide me with simple solutions/suggestions to avoid falling out of permanent resident status until repatriating to the U.S.”  Lin S.