The RMBII Immigration Law Practice offers our clients flexible and cost conscious immigration service and fee structures. Our immigration visa services are mostly provided and managed remotely with you virtually through current web-based technology and phone.   We achieve this using telephones, WhatsApp/WeChat, Email, encrypted cloud applications, Video Conferencing, a Client Portal, and of course postal/express mail.  We welcome the opportunity to explain how we can diligently pursue your immigration goals. RMBII provides immigration legal services primarily in certain visa categories including but not limited to those listed here and noted with their associated visa type or procedural possibilities.  We are passionate about your needs and objectives. If you have questions about an issue not listed, contact us and we will see if it is something with which we can assist.


Full Representation Immigration Service and Fee Structure. At this level, as the term implies, we handle your visa application process from the start to finish for an all inclusive fixed-fee. We keep you advised of applicable immigration laws, details, processes, and requirements associated with your particular matter. Additionally, we address issues that may negatively affect your matter.  Ancillary and consultative services on other visa related matters are also available.

Limited Representation/Un-bundled Immigration Service (à la carte) Fee Structure.  This service level is available for those clients wanting more control and to complete some parts of the application process themselves. And this level is suitable for clients wanting a more cost-effective alternative to Full Service Representation. Some clients can realise up to 60% savings depending on the Un-bundled Service options selected.  Our Un-bundled Services options individually are for:

  • Visa application form(s) preparation and completion;
  • Visa Strategy and Case Planning;
  • Documentation Package Preparation and Organisation, including any required Cover Letter; or
  • Consular Processing Interview Preparation

Except where redundant, any two of these options can be combined to avoid Full Service Representation status and rates.

Under either service and rate level, our focus is on you and your immigration objectives.  Also we provide related un-bundled immigration visa services, such as, visa extensions/renewals, change of status, adjustment of status, etc.    However, if you have already filed an application, have problems, or wanting to self-file, we can check  your application status, review and address problem filings, or provide other consultative services.


Our fee structure for all visa services is on a flat-fee/fixed-fee basis. RMBII’s fee for Full Service Representation will be quoted based on the average case of the specific visa category for which you are applying.  However, please note that any complex circumstances (any red flags) may require a reasonable fee increase.  On the other hand, our Un-bundled Legal Services fixed-fee structure is more accommodating of special needs and circumstances. Call to schedule a Consultation, or schedule one on our Contact Us page.

RMBII’s virtual (Video-conference) or phone 30-minutes consultations are $75.  But keep in mind, after the consultation you are under no obligation to hire RMBII for further legal work. However, if you decide to retain us within 7 days of consultation your consultation fee amount is credited to your account.  Please note that our fees do not include government-filing fees or other associated costs with your immigration matter.